Laser Services

Cutera Xeo Laser is designed to treat the widest range of today's most common nonsurgical aesthetic concerns.

For best result, multiple treatments recommended. Package pricing available.

Laser Genesis

A non-invasion laser facial to help with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scaring, redness and uneven skin tone. This procedure will also help to tighten skin and reduce scar appearance. There is no downtime to this procedure. 


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Laser Hair Reduction

Do you want unwanted hair? Tired of waxing and shaving?

Laser hair removal will give you longer lasting hair removal results. Multiple sessions required. Maintenance session required,

Price per session:

Small area (upper lip, eyebrows, ears): $125

Medium area (neck, cheeks, forehead, underarm, buttock): $250

Large area (arms, chest, legs, back): $500

Full Body: $1000

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Vascular and pigmented lesions

Improve the appearance of sun spots, age spots and red spots. 

Improve small cherry angiomas, rosacea, freckles.


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